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About us

Surfery Technology Co., Ltd. was established by some of the world’s top engineers in 2002. It is one of the most advanced machinery manufacturing companies in China.

Surfery has been committing to providing our consumers with advanced products and perfect after-sales service.

From the day that  Surfery was been set up to these days, all the customers have a great evaluation about us, and the action of choosing us as their supplier made their production grow quickly and the cost reduce rapidly.

Surfery has great capabilities of designing and researching since the establishment of the company, there are many machines about the tube secondary processing that is designed and product first time by Surfery Machine. Surfery Machine as the pioneer has solved many problems in the secondary processing of the pipe, and there are many other companies that simulate the design of our machines.

At present, the main products are pipe cutting machine, pipe bending machine, chamfering machine, spheronization machine and so on. It is the first choice for many companies that product steel and wood furniture, motorcycles, cars, bicycles, fitness equipment, iron furniture, and we could design machines according to the custom’s requirement. 

Suerfery Machine has been trusting by our customers since its establishment, because we provided our customers with the higher efficiency and lower cost and perfect after-sales service. Our products are sold all over the world, and we are the supplier to many countries in South America, India, Malaysia, and the Middle East, the company’s products have got a good reputation and have brought great returns to many customers who have chosen us.

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