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With internationally renowned accessories manufacturing equipment, advanced technology to promote the development of the industry, with high-quality products to increase production efficiency, to provide each customer with the most efficient equipment. Products in strict accordance with national standards, and in accordance with international testing requirements, develop rigorous corporate standards for production and construction.


 “We can bring benefits to customers and it is a good equipment!” The company upholds this concept, advancing with the times, innovating, and developing in the direction of high-end equipment performance. Constantly independent research and development of new products to meet the different needs of customers, is the leader in the metal pipe processing industry.


Professional after-sales team, with practical experience and technology and good industry literacy, technical staff to provide detailed advice for after-sales equipment, guide customers to use, maintain, maintain and repair equipment. Safety first, quality priority, integrity-based and customer-respecting purposes, to provide customers with quality products on the premise.

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