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Automatic pipe cutting machine operation steps

Pipe cutting machine installation: The pipe cutting machine must be placed on the horizontally plastered ash floor. At the same time, it is best to fix the pipe cutting machine to the ground according to the screw holes in the four corners of the pipe cutting machine base.
Connecting the power cable: The power line has been pre-wired inside the pipe cutter itself. The only thing to do is to connect the outer cable that is left by the pipe cutter to the fuseless switch of the power supply box according to the power safety regulations of your country. Note that the outer cable is 4 wires, and the ground wire should be connected to the ground connector.
Reminder: Check if the volts of the power supply (VOLTAGES) is consistent with the mechanical label, if not, do not charge.
Connect the compressed air tube: The compressed air supply must be maintained at 6-8 BAR (90-IISPSL) with compressed air at T. D. The 5/16 air pressure pipe is connected to the quick connector female end at the bottom of the machine base.

Test procedure

1. Turn on the power switch of the main control of the pipe cutter.
2. Press the main control panel manual button; the spindle rotates immediately; pay attention to whether the spindle rotates counterclockwise (consistent with the direction indicated on the saw blade safety cover) If not, please close the power box switch and connect any two wires connected by the switch. , then turn on the switch and retest according to the above steps.

Post time: Oct-17-2018

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