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Automatic punching machine

Surfery Technology Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the production of pipe cutting machines, pipe bending machines, hydraulic presses and other pipe processing equipment. The company is based in China, facing the world and selling machinery and equipment to the world. Is a mature pipe cutting machine manufacturer. An improved automatic punching machine has been introduced, and the machine has been improved and the performance has been greatly improved. Once launched, it has been recognized by many customers, and there are Indian customers who specialize in purchasing. Good products can bring great benefits to customers. Like our company’s automatic pipe cutting machine, pipe bending machine, arc punching machine, hydraulic punching machine, etc., we have already gained great recognition. We will assume that our customers are responsible. development of.

Hydraulic automatic CNC punching machine

1. Machine size: 6700 × 850 × 1520.
2. Machine net weight: 2300kg.
3. Main motor: 7.5kw-380V, equipped with double high pressure vane pump.
4. Servo positioning motor with deceleration box 1:10, 0.75kw high performance motor.
5. Two-way rail platform, gear control positioning hole distance.
6. Main head gantry fine grinding platform, cylinder with double guide column, guiding and positioning.
7. Hydraulic system, high-performance Doppler hydraulic control oil valve group, two 4-way steering valve, high-precision solenoid valve, hydraulic oil belt air cooling system.
8. Pneumatic clamp is uniquely designed by our factory, and several air compressors are arranged inside.
9. Electric control box PLC main control, contact design, Kunlun open state touch screen data and fully automatic function.
10. The main pressure cylinder is unique, and our factory produces it independently. The stroke is 100mm and the core is thick.
11. Appearance spray paint, high temperature paint.
12. Punching function, material breaking function, cutting function.
13. Unique punching function, you can adjust the hole spacing arbitrarily.
14. Can be customized according to customer requirements, configuration.
15. Mold material general type Luo 12 wood vanadium vacuum treatment 58 hardness.
16. Need to punch thicker materials with SKD11 material, more durable and improve toughness.
17. The mold requirements are customized with the customer’s pipe size.

Post time: Nov-12-2018

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