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The development of the power system to automatic bending machines

Pipe bending machine is a machine with a very wide range of applications. Machine bending machine is a kind of machine with a very wide range of applications. It is a small part of the refrigerator, and it is large enough to open the bend of the pipe. With the advancement in the technical level of various industries, a new request has been made for the accuracy and complex processing technology of the bender. The working principle of the pipe bending machine is to apply the bending moment through the fulcrum and the force point to make the steel pipe undergo plastic deformation, so as to realize the cold bending of the steel pipe. The lower die is located at the front of the pipe bending machine and is hung by a hydraulic cylinder. The rack is in a floating state. The steel pipe is introduced into the lower mold from the rear of the bender through the clamps and the upper mold by using a spreader, and the inner tube is loaded into the steel tube and placed in the central position of the upper mold. The inner tube expands to hold the inner wall of the steel tube. So that the steel pipe during the bending process to avoid abnormal deformation.

In the development of the bender, the power source of the bender has been continuously improved and improved. In the early manual bending of the pipe materials, the main power source was the labor of a single or multiple operators, and the processed products were generally It is a pipe of small pipe fittings. The efficiency of such a processing method is at the bottom, the accuracy is not enough, and the pipe type is limited. With the development of modern technology and the improvement of industrial level, a number of high-performance bending machines such as CNC CNC pipe bending machines and three-dimensional hydraulic pipe bending machines have been developed and researched. The main driving methods of these high-level pipe bending machines are generally There are three types: motor drive, hydraulic drive, and motor hydraulic drive.

1, motor drive

Today’s modern industry, most of the power sources of institutions and devices are motor-driven to provide the power for the basic actions of the entire device. Power source is provided by the motor, and there are many ways in the power transmission process. For example, the motor can be used to drive gears, racks, cams, connecting rods, etc. According to the situation, a bender that meets the requirements can be designed.

2, hydraulic drive

With the continuous development of industrial technology, hydraulic transmission technology is one of the fastest growing technologies in mechanical equipment, and in particular, it has entered a new stage of development in recent years. Hydraulic transmission and control systems are widely used in various industries due to their advantages of large transmission power, high control precision, fast response speed, and easy integration of motor and liquid control. Hydraulically-powered hydraulic pipe bending machine is a new type of pipe bending machine, which has the advantages of reasonable structure, convenient operation, safe use, fast loading and unloading, and one machine and many other advantages.

3, motor hydraulic hybrid drive

Although the hydraulic elbow has the advantages of large transmission power, high control precision, and fast response speed, it also has some deficiencies, such as: due to too many actions of the operator, the bottom of the production efficiency; the large loss of the machine and the shortened service life; The need for more operators, labor costs, higher product costs. Therefore, in the further study, the use of motor-hydraulic hybrid drive is proposed, which can use the most reasonable driving methods in the respective advantages of the motor and hydraulic pressure to reduce production costs, improve production efficiency, and improve machining accuracy.


Post time: May-25-2018

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