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The effect of material selection on the cutting process

The pipe cutting machine adopts the material of disc, after being straightened and cut off, the number of material heads can be reduced, and the process loss can be reduced. However, due to the disc material can not be rotated around the center of the tube, it brings some difficulties to the cutting method. The cutting principle of the machine is: round blade, supporting the same rotation plane. Rotate around the centerline of the pipe while the round blade begins to move toward the center of the pipe. When the outer edge of the blade touches the surface of the pipe, rotation occurs due to the frictional force, rolling around the surface of the pipe. As the blades continue to move towards the center, the blade rolls (cuts) the groove on the surface of the tube until the tube is cut.


automatic cutting machine

It is important to know that there are two kinds of losses, process loss and non-process loss. The current Dingyi loss accounts for about 10% of the total loss. To change the status quo, meet the production, and reduce the loss, we developed an automatic straightening and cutting machine, using the disk material, to achieve straightening and cutting once completed over a period of time. The production proves to be effective, meets the design process requirements, improves the production efficiency, ensures the processing quality, and changes the backwardness of the manual operation.

Pipe cutting machine protection function: In order to ensure the safety of operators and equipment, R series pipe cutting machine can play its excellent performance with high efficiency and stability. The product passes the high-tech control chip and has the following power-off protection functions: temperature rise protection; Overload protection; overvoltage protection.

1, set simple and fast;

2, optional pneumatic or electric cutting motor;

3, only need to add an automatic electric revolution control system and a welding power supply, you can achieve all-position welding function.

4, suitable for cutting of various material pipes;

5, cutting fast, no burr and the cutting port perpendicular to the axis of the pipe;

6, the composition of stainless steel jaws for a wide range of self-centering clamping system

Post time: May-16-2018

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