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  • Thinking about the pipe cutting machine manufacturing industry

      In 2017, with the country’s high-level strengthening of environmental protection, China’s small-scale manufacturing industry has been greatly affected, and large-scale manufacturers have to stop production. Of course, environmental protection is very important for China. It is n...
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  • The development of the power system to automatic bending machines

    Pipe bending machine is a machine with a very wide range of applications. Machine bending machine is a kind of machine with a very wide range of applications. It is a small part of the refrigerator, and it is large enough to open the bend of the pipe. With the advancement in the technical level o...
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  • Analytic chamfering machine and CNC cutting angle machine and related industries

    The corner cutter and CNC corner cutter are manufactured to meet the customer’s need for seamless jointing of the links during the processing and use of the tubes. The angle cutting machine can be cut at any angle. The tubes used in the vehicle and the corners of the furniture can be joined...
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