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  • Automatic punching machine

    Surfery Technology Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the production of pipe cutting machines, pipe bending machines, hydraulic presses and other pipe processing equipment. The company is based in China, facing the world and selling machinery and equipment to the world. Is a mature pipe cutti...
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  • The advantages of Laser pipe cutting machine which can not be ignored

       Laser tube cutting machine not only can realize high-speed and high-precision cutting of round tubes, square tubes, rectangular tubes, and special-shaped tubes, but also laser tube cutting machines can realize tube opening, cutting, intersecting lines and conventional methods. The cutting of ...
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  • The effect of material selection on the cutting process

    The pipe cutting machine adopts the material of disc, after being straightened and cut off, the number of material heads can be reduced, and the process loss can be reduced. However, due to the disc material can not be rotated around the center of the tube, it brings some difficulties to the cutt...
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  • CNC Plasma Tube Cutting Machine

    CNC Plasma Tube Cutting Machine

    What is CNC Plasma Tube cutter?  This is a cutting machine that uses plasma as power source to make cuts on various shapes of tubes or beams, such as square tubes, round tubes, I beams, H beams, or C beams. CNC controller is used to control the motion of this CNC plasma cutting torch or the rotat...
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  • Analytic chamfering machine and CNC cutting angle machine and related industries

    The stainless steel pipe cutter is easy to operate and saves space. The pipe to be cut is fixed on the “self-aligning” clamping device, the pipe will not be deformed, and the cutting speed can be quickly adjusted according to the diameter of the pipe. Holding the cutting head around the pipe for ...
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